Gentle touch is the first language learnt by babies; it speaks stories about their world and the people in it. It builds a sense of security, place and belonging. It is a language that writes a template for all human interactions, it influences immune systems, increases blood flow, lowers stress hormones and optimises brain development.

Gentle touch is a foundation of safety. When this occurs within a close, nurturing and responsive relationship, it is the single most important factor affecting our children’s well-being. Gentle touch is a beautiful way to soothe baby, nurture bonding and attachment and improve sleep outcomes.

The first opportunity to harness the power of gentle touch is ensuring skin-to-skin contact immediately following birth. Before anything else, snuggle your baby into your chest with a warm blanket over you both. Not only does this increase infant-mother bonding, it regulates the baby’s body temperature and blood glucose levels, reduces stress and boosts the infant’s immune system. This is your babies first experience of comfort, security and love. Amazing!

As babies grow there are many ways to engage in gentle touch, such as:

✨Daily massage with a highly quality organic oil

✨Use your fingers to lightly stroke baby’s cheeks, nose and forehead. Follow a pattern over their eyebrows, alongside their ears, down the tip of their nose

✨Use a silk scarf to play peekaboo

✨Tickle arms or legs with a feather

✨Our bathtime coconut shell for aqua massage

✨ Sing lullabies with touching actions (ie Round the Garden, Little Piggy)

✨Share a warm bath

✨Brush their hair with a very soft baby brush

✨Finger tracing on their back (write their name)

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May 15, 2022 — Hayley Marakkalamana

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