In Sri Lanka, the coconut bath shell is traditionally used to bathe babies. The water flows through the natural hole and provides a gentle aqua massage over the head and body. It is also the perfect flow for washing hair. When your child grows, it becomes a water play or bath toy

Typically, coconut shells with a natural hole are a waste product. By reclaiming these shells for our gorgeous products, we are saving them from going into landfill or being incinerated for charcoal. The shells are then lovingly handcrafted in a family owned business, smoothed inside and out and polished with an organic virgin coconut oil- amazing!

Our bath-time coconut shell encourages beautiful little opportunities for increased closeness, engagement and eye contact during bathing. Within a sleep time routine, the elements of sleep doll and wrap come together with a bath-time coconut shell and create something very special.

What other ways do you think your little babe could enjoy playing with their bath-time coconut shell?

May 14, 2022 — Hayley Marakkalamana

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