our creation story

before our first son was born, i began my search for a comforter that i soon realised did not exist yet. i wanted a comforter my child would cherish to become a keepsake, but in my heart i was seeking something special; a beautiful ethically made product, with earthy tones, natural materials and a unique sound element. i wanted a comforter handmade with love. i reflected on why these features were important to me and i wondered, perhaps they would be important to other parents too?

my greatest inspiration for the sleep dolls came whilst i was on maternity leave and we were residing as a family in sri lanka. i am deeply moved by this island; living in both simplicity and abundance. i adore the sweeping palms and the wildlife beneath, the tropical vibrancy and the endless castaway beaches of the deep south. as such, i have drawn energy from our island life to create animal characters everyone can love, made in colours reflected within the natural world around us. I have included matching accessories that nurture moments for parent-child bonding with a touch of village life, in honour of my husbands family traditions

throughout the creation process, our products have grown organically; shifting and evolving until they were just right. i have engaged creative artists and ethical traders to bring these characters to life and the creation process has overall taken nearly three years to complete

my hopes are to offer a business that is heartwarming, authentic and true to my values, with a beautiful ethos that shines through on every level. for these reasons and many others, i have chosen to only engage with manufacturing partners who uphold ethical standards of practice; those with mutual ideals for social and environmental responsibility or those who nurture healthy workplace culture.  wherever possible, each step of the creation process has been carefully considered to ensure that little koko has been kind to the earth and fair to her people- what better sentiment can we teach our children?

thank you for being here and choosing little koko. we hope your little one adores their new best friend as much as we do

with love,

hayley x