Our story

Every parent knows their child needs a comforter for security and companionship. So before our first son was born in 2018, I began searching for a comforter as the first “best friend” he would hold closest to his heart. I was seeking a beautiful high quality product; handmade with love to become a timeless keepsake. But I soon realised every comforter on the market was mass-produced and made with synthetic materials; unhealthy for both baby and the earth. I reflected on why these features I valued were important to me and I wondered…perhaps they would be important to other parents too?

Whilst on maternity leave, we were residing in my husbands’ homeland of Sri Lanka. Long before we even met on the island, my heart was forever drawn to the magnificent natural beauty of this nation. As a new parent, I daydreamed about creating beautiful products with a focus on nurturing secure attachment with a touch of village life and cultural wisdom. Our island lifestyle inspired me to pursue the creation of my comforters in characters that everyone can love; made in colours and materials honouring the natural world around us. Three years later I launched Little Koko; bespoke lullaby/brown noise comforters and matching
accessories for calming, connection and deeper sleep.

My product line promotes the deep significance of those beautiful “rituals” scattered throughout the day; the emotional side of a routine internally motivated to help babies feel calm, safe and delighted. They are the intentional ways of approaching a routine; moments that are cherished and eagerly anticipated by baby. Rituals are sensory-rich interactions that allow baby to reach bedtime with their love-cup filled up, which means easier settling and improved sleep outcomes.

Young boy holding Little Koko Lion Lullaby Comforter

our ethos

My hopes are to offer a business that is ever heart-warming, authentic and true to my values, with a beautiful ethos that shines through on every level. Wherever possible, every aspect of my business has been carefully considered to ensure that Little Koko has been kind to the earth and fair to her people. What better sentiment can we teach our children to carry closest to their heart?

With love,

Hayley x