coconut shell bundle

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bundle includes three coconut shells 

our bath-time coconut shells encourage opportunities for increased engagement, delight and eye contact during bathing. in sri lanka, the coconut shell is traditionally used to bathe babies. the water provides a gentle aqua massage over the head and body, with perfect flow for washing hair

for older children, they are perfect for role playing and sensory exploration. such play improves visual perception and fine motor skills. water play is filled with endless opportunities for learning and engaging the imagination. when the years of playing are over, they can be given a new creative purpose or returned to the earth

these days, coconut shells with a natural hole are typically discarded, being thrown into landfill or incinerated for charcoal. we reclaim these shells to be lovingly handcrafted in a family owned business, smoothed inside and out and polished with an organic virgin coconut oil: perfectly safe, sustainable and naturally beautiful

allow your coconut shell to fully dry after play. keep it nourished with coconut oil as needed and it will give many happy returns for years to come