how do I operate my sleep doll?

important safety information

little koko sleep dolls and sound boxes have been thoroughly safety tested according to AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2002 (toys for children from 0-36 months of age

we recommend that parents and caregivers only follow advice from the AUSTRALIAN RED NOSE FOUNDATION to ensure safe sleeping environments for babies and children. please adhere current advice specifically related to soft toys here and safe sleeping recommendations here

according to this advice, we agree that soft toys should NOT be introduced into the sleeping environment until a baby is seven months or older

where the sleep doll will be used from birth, we have designed intelligent knotting hands so the sleep doll can be securely tethered to the cot. this allows baby to still receive gentle sensory input (eg audio, olfactory, sight) to assist calming and settling, whilst building positive sleep associations to the sleep doll

operating instructions

see below for detailed instructions on operating your sleep doll and soundbox. additional instructions and advice can be found on our FAQ page

sleep doll

the operating instructions are the same for each character

you will find a gold clip temporarily attached to the safety zip. this has been attached for ease of use to adjust soundbox to your preferred settings

the gold clip MUST be removed before the sleep doll is used with your child

please store the gold clip out of reach, for later use when changing batteries, sound settings etc

baby sleep doll feature


our soundbox comes with test batteries, which may not have a full play duration of 200 hours. when replacement is required, please use high quality batteries

baby sleep doll feature speaker baby sleep doll feature battery

examples for use

we recommend experimenting with the settings and sounds to find the right play combination for your baby. this can take some time and requires parental patience, especially while baby is bonding to their sleep doll

babies will connect and respond to their sleep doll in their own time, but rest assured bonding will happen

baby will establish a positive sleep association to the sleep doll, which will assist calming and relaxation, encourage sleep and nurture age appropriate self-soothing skills

thirty minute play setting: you can use a lullaby to relax, soothe and get baby ready for sleep (such as during cuddles, feeds or story time)

you may lIke to combine this setting with the use of an external “white noise” sound machine to run consistently through sleep time

sound activation setting: the chosen sound will be triggered by waking noises and cries to play again for a further 30 minutes (repeating each trigger). this setting restores/recreates the sound element of a scene in which baby fell asleep, aiding resettling

this setting provides opportunities for skill building until baby learns to activate the sleep doll when needed (ie by pressing the nose)celestial brown noise: this is beautiful natural sound for settling and calming baby

brown noise has a more layered sonic hue and deeper frequency than white noise, akin to natural tones such as the “rumbling” of a flowing river, waterfall or rainfall

this setting is able to be used with or without an external white noise sound machine

if used simultaneously with an external white noise sound machine, celestial brown noise can offer a gentle transition to the cot

if used without an external sound machine, we recommend use with the sound activation setting

celestial brown noise is very helpful for settling and calming on the go (car, pram, other travel etc) where baby is accustomed to a continuous "white noise" in the sleep space