Lion Sleep Doll

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lion is made of natural materials, including a luxurious 100% GOTS certified organic cream cotton velour and an earthy turmeric linen and cotton blend

our sleep dolls have been especially designed to:

  • build security through routine 
  • assist calming and relaxation 
  • encourage sleep
  • nurture age-appropriate self soothing skills
  • create moments of deep bonding                                                                              

each sleep doll measures:

  • 51cm in length (not including ears)
  • 40cm wide blanket
  • 18cm knotting hands (when untied)                                                                           

each of our sleep dolls have the following special features: 

  • machine washable 
  • made of natural materials
  • plays two bespoke lullabies (dreamy piano or twinkly music box)
  • plays celestial brown noise
  • 30 minute play setting
  • intelligent sound activation setting, triggered by waking noises and cries
  • knotting hands to be used as a safety tether for cots, prams, car seats etc
  • hands can also be used to hold dummies or teethers

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