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Little koko’s sleep dolls, oils and accessories are amazing – such great quality and just beautiful. One can tell that a lot of love and care goes into every single product. I have bought their products as gifts for friends having babies and every single one of them (+ baby 😊) loved their gift. Highly recommend little koko!
— Theresa
What a special little gift for our daughter Florence. Little Deer is the perfect addition to her nursery sleep time, pram rides and car trips as the musical aspects ensures bubs is instantly soothed and calmed. The piano tune is our fav , it relaxes the whole family!
A great sleep association we can take on the move! Deer comes everywhere with us.
Hands down the most beautifully made & easy to use comforter on the market.
Thanks Little Koko. Will recommend to all new parents X
— Mel
Such beautiful quality & design, so soft 😍 Gorgeous sleep comforter my daughter fell in love with immediately! I thought I might have introduced too late (13mo), but they bonded instantly! Now ‘Dear’ is one of the family! She LOVES her sleep pal. Exceptional customer service is an added bonus on an already stellar product! Thank you Little Koko!
— Danae
We have adored every special piece from the “sweet dreams baby bundle”. My little one knows it sleep time as soon as he hears the lullaby playing from his lion. I love how you can also change the volume / tune of the lullaby toy. We use his coconut, washer and oil at bath time and are always complemented on the colour of our beautiful tumeric wrap. I love watching the content on their Instagram page too, make sure to give them a follow! Thanks Little Koko 💛🧡💛
— Alice
I was looking for that special companion to sooth baby, to offer comfort & be a forever companion when I stumbled across little koko & found Lion. From order to arrival it was just a few days an our order cam beautifully packaged. Lions quality is excellent & the 3 sound options (2 lullabies & 1 brown noise) are very calming & soothing. Lion is sitting proud waiting for the arrival of bub & I just know baby will love it as much as I do. Thank you, little koko for providing such a beautiful, high quality product, we can't say enough good things about our sleep doll.
— Amy
Best comforter for your little one! Bought a Lion sleep doll for our baby and on the first try she fell asleep within minutes with sweet dreamy lullaby. Dolls are from organic soft cotton so they are just perfect for babies. Can’t recommend enough just a lot of LOVE for LittleKoko!
— Olinka
We introduced her Koko deer doll at 8 weeks old and she absolutely loves it, no more issues trying to get her settled, I just turn on the lullaby and she drifts has helped us set up the best little nap/bedtime routine, when previously we were having to hold/rock/sing/sush her to sleep for 30 minutes prior!
Amazing products with baby friendly fibers, and the best customer service and experience - this little business is amazing, and I haven’t been able to recommend a product this much in a long time! 100% worth the investment <3
— Marissa
My 3 month old boy loves his Deer sleep doll. We love that it's a snuggle toy that also plays either soft music or white noise. We play white noise all night in his room to help him continue to sleep through sleep cycles and love that when we get in the car or are out and about, we can play white noise using his deer. The quality of this procedure is amazing, super soft material, easy to wash and beautifully crafted. Thank you! We will be recommending this product to all our friends and family.
— Ashlee
Absolutely love our Little Koko ‘Deer’ sleep doll! My toddler has adored it from the moment I have given it to him and it has worked so wonderfully as a way for him to calm down for his sleep and also to re-settle himself when he wakes up mid nap. He can turn on the music himself and loves to play with Deer’s soft ears - it’s just such a fantastic, ethically made toy for little ones and such a special keepsake to treasure. Thank you, Little Koko!
— Sophie
My son was gifted the Lion sleep doll for his 1st birthday and absolutely loves it. He instantly calms when the music plays and he loves staring at the Lion's face. The sleep doll is so soft to touch and easy to use- just press the nose to start the music/brown noise. I also like that it plays for 30mins, as I've had similar sleep toys in the past that have only played for 10mins and this wasn't quite long enough. It's been perfect for wind down time before bedtime to help my son relax. Would highly recommend!
— Chloe
Absolutely love the sleep aid, bear ! My 3 month old adores bear and they go EVERYWHERE together, the calming sounds are all brilliant in their own ways, my favourite is the slow lullaby sound, Spencer also ses to love it, an instant relaxer! Thankyou so very much for making these beautiful products. 10/10 would definitely recommend!
— Truus
A dear friend of mine has gifted us the amazing little koko lion for the birth of our baby girl. We absolutely love it. It’s incredibly soothing and it can definitely be used for adults too. I find that it calms me down and helps with sleep especially when you’ve got a baby and your sleep is disrupted so much, so falling right back to sleep tends to be difficult sometimes. Little koko solves the problem. 👌🏼🙂
— Ana
I purchased a Little Koko gift for a dear friend who is soon to have her first baby. The customer service was so kind and helpful and the postage was super speedy! The products (I chose the gorgeous little lion and a bath-time coconut shell) are just divine. It is clear that Little Koko is full of heart. The care and love that has gone into every aspect is really felt. Can’t recommend enough if you are looking for an eco-conscious and all-round beautiful gift
— Anna
We received our coconut shell and swaddle from Little Koko a few weeks ago and absolutely love them! The shell has allowed us to make magical moments with our baby and the swaddle is just divine! Packaged with love from a beautiful Mumma owned business, you can’t go wrong with Little Koko!
— Jess
I love the hair oil and baby oil from little koko, I’ve suffered terrible postpartum hairloss and I can already see new hairgrowth plus I use it on my lengths and ends once I’ve blowdried it. I also use it on my 14 month old daughter for her cradle cap and her hair is growing like crazy, almost able to put it into a full pony tail.
The baby oil is so lush, I use it on my skin also and coming into the cooler months where my skin is usually super dry it feels very nourished and moisturised.
Both bub and I love them 😍
— Shanae
I purchased two gorgeous sleep dolls to gift to little ones. They arrived so soon and were packaged beautifully with specialised love notes which I passed on and we’re tucked in the wrapping. The first, Lion, has already soothed my nephew for his afternoon nap by sweet Lion’s lullaby. I can’t wait to give the second one out soon. Such precious and beautiful gifts for little hands and growing minds. Thank you Little Koko ⭐️❤️🦁
— Laura
Can't put into words my love for these hand crafted dolls. The melodies it plays, soothing my babies to sleep, are so delicate and gorgeous. The dolls are so soft and have the sweetest dreamy faces. The colours are earthy and well thought out. The swaddle is divine and we are so excited to play with the coconuts in the bath. Thank you little koko for the magic you've created. Can not recommend enough 🥰
— Sarah
We adore our little Lion sleep doll, not only is it beautiful to look at, it is made with love and the softest material and the most amazing lullaby too which helps soothe our bubba to sleep. We will cherish our doll for years to come
— Chantelle
The Hair Oil is amazing! I’ve been desperately trying to thicken and grow my blonde hair. Since using this oil weekly my hair is already feeling thicker and stronger. I feel it’s growing faster too! I love how it’s completely natural and it has a mix of organic ingredients I haven’t seen in any other product. The scent is beautiful and subtle.
— Mia
We’ve been using the hair oil for weeks now and we are so in love! Noticed a difference in my hair after just the first use. It’s so much more shinier, softer and I find it has strengthened the hair strands! Overall, my hair feels so much more healthier. Will definitely be ordering more once we finish our bottle. Thank you for such a great product!
— Sarah
One of the best sleeping aids my son has, always calms him down while he drifts off to sleep and in the day he loves cuddling it. It really helps him feel safe and secure. Definitely recommend!
— Haylee
We absolutely love our Lion.
Beautiful fabric, easy to clean and so soft.
The music is so soothing and comforting.
This is a really great ethical product and the details and stitching are of a very high quality and standard.
The bonding and connection between my daughter and Lion has been amazing to witness. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
— Natasha
We received Deer a few months ago right as our baby was going through the 12mth sleep regression. It was instant love between our daughter and her new friend and instant relief for us!
I am completely blown away by the quality, the features - both obvious and hidden (did you know the sleep dolls are the size of an average newborn?! amazing little feature) and the service & delivery were second to none!
The bespoke dreamy piano is our favourite and sends us all to sleep in no time at all. There are definitely benefits for all ages with these beautiful sleep dolls and I honestly could not recommend Little Koko enough
— Rachael
We have the little lion for our Leo baby. Not only is the quality absolutely beautiful the sound settings are like nothing ive heard on the market for babies... my goodness the piano lullaby is absolute magic 🥲 Dreamy is the word for sure... so many 'lullaby' sounds are mechanical and honestly drive my brain crazy I can't imagine what they do to our little ppls minds 🥴
Honestly it calms me so much and I can't help but fall asleep myself when I hear it and more importantly my baby girl sleeps so well.

We bring it everywhere, pram, car, bed, bassinet wherever she is so is her lion.
— Suzie
I bought a Lion sleep doll as a gift for a friends new bub. It is absolutely adorable and well made. I love that the material is organic and sourced ethically. 🧡 would highly recommend
— Dom
Lion is absolutely adorable.💛
I cant recommend these magical sleep dolls enough from the simplicity of ordering and it arriving at my doorstep.
The magic happened as soon as I opened the box playing one of its beautiful lullabies I knew it was special.
My daughter loves her lion and took no time at all to bond with him .
The all natural materials are so soft and give you peace of mind as my daughter rubs it all over her face .
The beautiful lullabies playing while I’m putting her to sleep makes me feel more calm and relaxed also.
I also ordered other products from little koko and they are also amazing .
I love everything about what little Koko has created and stands for .
Thank you Little Koko xxx
— Kristy
We received the sleep Lion just before the birth of our second child. Lion has been with our daughter since birth and she is so attached to it. She is now 15months old and walks around saying Yiyon. So much love that I have decided to buy a spare just in case. Thank you for producing such a lovely product. Makes sleep time a dream x
— Shann
A content baby with a pacifier laying on a linen blanket with a Little Koko Deer comforter

why choose little koko for your baby?

We believe the ideal approach to deeper sleep (and ultimately calm and happy babies) should be holistic and strongly influenced by connection.

Therefore, we aim to grow awareness around simple but powerful ways to nurture secure attachment through routine and rituals. And of course bringing those sweet dreams to baby every night.

A content baby asleep alongside a Little Koko Bear lullaby comforter in a linen swaddle


Baby Vine 1st Place "Best Comforter 2024"

SBC Winner "Baby and Children Small Business of the Year" 2023

SSBAU Winner "Baby and Children Small Business of the Year" 2022

Megaphone Amplify Awards "Baby/Children Brand of the Year" Honourable Accomplishment 2022

SSBAU Winner "Baby and Children Small Business of the Year" 2021

A relaxed baby holding the knotted hands of a Little Koko Lullaby Comforter

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Greening Australia has been restoring Australia’s unique landscapes and protecting biodiversity at scale through collaborative, science-based programs for over 38 years.

Greening Australia is committed to tackling Australia’s greatest environmental challenges in ways that work for communities, economies and nature. This is achieved by planting millions of native trees and plants, protecting hundreds of native species and supporting Traditional Owners’ aspirations for restoring country.

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For every sleep doll sold, Little Koko donates $1.

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Hayley Marakkalamana is a mother and owner of Little Koko, smiling at the camera with indoor plants in the background

hello & welcome

My name is Hayley; mama of two gorgeous boys, social worker and the creator of Little Koko.

As a mama in business, my purpose is to offer beautiful products to assist calming, build connection and improve sleep outcomes for babies.

But just as importantly, it is also to grow awareness around simple ways to nurture secure attachment and the importance of the story behind the products we give to our children.

As parents, we want our children to be safe and nourished by the highest quality products. We want to know exactly what we are giving our babies to hold closest to them, not just in their hands but in their hearts.

Our beautiful products are inspired by love and nature and made in ways that are kind to the earth and fair to her people. What better sentiment can we teach our children?

Thank you for being here and becoming a part of this community. You can read more of our creation story here:

important safety information

Little Koko sleep dolls and sound boxes have been thoroughly safety tested according to Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2002 (toys for children from 0-36 months of age).