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ssbau award winners 2021

“it’s incredibly soothing….falling right back to sleep tends to be difficult sometimes...little koko solves that problem”


“my son was gifted the lion sleep doll for his 1st birthday and absolutely loves it. he instantly calms when the music plays and he loves staring at the Lion's face. the sleep doll is so soft to touch”


“one of the best sleeping aides my son has, always calms him down while he drifts off to sleep and in the day he loves cuddling it. It really helps him feel safe and secure”


”he has absolutely taken to the lion, it’s a lifesaver. your products are amazing, we are in love”

allanah, qld

"honestly the sweetest...she started stirring and was waking during her afternoon nap, she rolled onto Deer and the music started up again.. she snuggled in and slept for another hour”


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