Safety is our top priority, which is something we can absolutely guarantee we have in common with parents! It goes without saying that our dolls have been thoroughly safety tested and meet Australian standards for toys from birth to 36 months of age. We will be including a lot of information on our website about safety standards and recommendations for safe sleeping.

We are also proud to announce that our dolls have a very unique-to-the-market and super smart safety feature, which is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Our dolls have beautifully designed knotted hands, which can be untied and securely attached to the cot, pram, car seat etc. Our design means parents never have to worry about this tether becoming loose or worn down. The little hands can be tied as tightly as you choose, which means it can only be undone by parents.

They are also very handy to hold your little loves favourite teethers or dummies. No more soothers falling on the dirty ground or dummies going on pesky adventures into places never to be found!

And because our dolls are made with natural materials (more on this to come), the knots are also perfectly safe for little mouths to chew, which can be a pleasing sensory experience during periods of teething


May 15, 2022 — Hayley Marakkalamana

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