We have chosen high quality natural materials for our sleep dolls, not only because they look so beautiful; but because natural is always best for baby and for parents peace of mind.

✨ 100% GOTS certified organic cotton velour: our luxuriously soft cream fabric. This is a natural alternative to plush; just as soft but without any harmful petrochemicals or dyes. We value this material for the silkiness, breathability and beauty it offers our sleep dolls, whilst meeting those important sensory needs for snuggling! Beautiful for resting cheeks upon, rubbing between little fingers or nestling into a ball.

✨ Earthy cotton and linen blend; a durable, breathable and perfectly imperfect material in some of your favourite colours of turmeric (lion), olive (bear) and golden brown (deer). These tones blend so well with neutral themes and are colours everyone can adore. We believe it is important for your little one to fall in love with colours that are reflected in the natural world around them, which we feel can grow appreciation and gratitude for what Mother Nature kindly offers us.

We have designed our sleep dolls with materials that are safe for sensory exploration, especially for little mouths chewing or sucking. The knotted hands are perfect for this type of self-soothing behaviour or when your babe has sore gums during periods of teething. Our dolls also have pillowy heads filled with 100% recycled material and are machine washable!
May 15, 2022 — Hayley Marakkalamana

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