Even without sand or water, coconut shells are fascinating things that keep baby engaged and exploring. And they are completely unique with markings, almost like their own fingerprint from Mother Nature. I think that is a part of the appeal, there is so much to look at…little tiny roads. Or are they rivers? A maze. Or a moonscape. Like the reflections in a puddle. Like the roots of a tree in that picture book! Or the mud that has dried on the ground after the rain.

I love how the natural world can be reflected within something that can be held in tiny hands. Such a beautiful way to encourage respect, gratitude and of course imagination.

Gorgeous and unique, just like our babies!

Turning, tipping, banging on the ground. In the mouth or bouncing across the floor. Coconut shells are fascinating mama! Those textures, tones and dimensions to explore! Smoothness, soft edges. A space for my hand. A teeny hole that casts light. A tiny world is on the other side! And best of all it tastes delicious- just like the extra virgin coconut oil polish!

One toy of one ingredient. We love love love coconuts…and mindfulness with babies! 

May 14, 2022 — Hayley Marakkalamana

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