Sleeping outside is heavily researched in young children, showing new revelations about children’s development and sleep behaviours.  

There are a number of benefits, including:

✨Better Night Sleep: fresh air helps oxygenate the brain and release melatonin, encouraging relaxation and deeper sleep at night

✨ Skills to Nap Everywhere: external environments will be comfortable and serene environments for your child that will help soothe and ground. Babies find it calming to watch swaying branches, clouds and hear rhythmic sounds (eg breeze, birds, water)

✨ Better Immune System: even by opening a window or door, you are helping your child create the needed antibodies to fight infection. Fresh air is rich in oxygen and extra sunlight enhances Vitamin D intake. Indoor air is circulated air!

✨ Nurture Cognitive and Physical Development: increased time outdoors allows a child to feel at home with natural environment and further encourages outdoor play, problem-solving, curiosity and meaning-making

✨ Exploration: encourages baby to adapt well to local adventures and travel

✨Increased energy: babies who nap outdoors have parents who spend lots of time outdoors- this helps keep the adults in the family physically active, supports mental health, creates good habits and positive role-model behaviour

Of course it is very important to ensure baby is comfortable and supervised at all times, taking into consideration weather conditions and shade!

May 14, 2022 — Hayley Marakkalamana

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