Yes! Watch Maeve falling asleep here

Do our comforters work? Yes! The proof is in those sleepy eyes! 

This gorgeous little babe @maevanya_liara is spending her second night with Deer and she is already in love and responding so positively to the special features designed to relax and calm babies!

1. Soft Snuggly Material

Our sleep dolls are handmade using beautiful natural materials; 100% GOTS certified cream cotton velour plus a cotton/linen blend in earth colours. The materials are hypoallergenic, safe and comfortable for your little babe to snuggle, chew and sleep upon. Natural materials have microcirculation airflow qualities that synthetic fibres don’t have; the fabric allows moisture to be released very fast. This means your little babe won’t get yucky patches of hot and sweaty skin if they are laying upon our sleep doll, which will happen if they in contact with synthetic fibres like plush.

2. Dreamy Lullabies

This little babe is listening to our bespoke dreamy piano lullaby. It has been written to lull anyone listening into relaxation (parents too hehe). We also have the choice of a twinkly music box or celestial brown noise depending on your preferences. Choose from a 30 minute play setting or engage our intelligent sound activation setting, triggered by waking noises and cries. Amazing!

3. Mama Scent

Because of their breathability, natural materials are perfect for absorbing those beautiful mama scents to engage babes olfactory senses and build connection/attachment to the sleep doll and therefore a sense of security in their independent sleep space.

So there you go- three features that assist babies with calming and relaxation for better sleep!

Of course all babies connect in their own way and time to their sleep dolls- our job as parents is to be responsive, consistent and patient through this process. For tips, see our previous reel for info on introducing a comforter! 

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May 11, 2022 — Hayley Marakkalamana

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